Adult Education, Sundays at 10 am

Every Sunday, Bible Study with Bill Guy. The adult Bible class examines books of the Bible in detail and in depth. Particular attention is paid to the way verses of the Bible have been translated or mis-translated from Hebrew and from Greek. Free wheeling discussions about the meaning of Biblical passages and the significance of such passages for a person’s life are the norm. This group has fun.

October 6, Newcomer “Meet and Greet.” Have you been visiting Sixth for worship? Pastor Vincent wants to invite you to two possible “meet and greet” sessions: 10 am in the church parlor, and/or 5 pm in the church basement for dinner (dinner is free). The purpose of the get together is to become better acquainted with other newcomers to Sixth, get to know the Pastor, ask questions about the church, and explore in a simple Bible study where you are in life right now. You can come to either, or both!

October 13, No class—Women’s Weekend

October 20, The Homeless Industry: A Critique of US Social Policy. Tracing the transformation of homelessness from being a social-justice issue to one with solutions based on medical models and zero-sum-games analyses, Elizabeth Beck and Pamela Twiss explore how government policies and practices have served to shape our limited response to the problem. Equally important, they consider how a more just, human-rights-based approach might be effected. Join our own Dr. Pam Twiss for a thoughtful discussion!

October 27, The Misunderstood Jew: The Church and the Scandal of the Jewish Jesus. On this somber first anniversary of the Tree of Life shooting down the street, we will consider Dr. Amy Jill-Levine’s provocative work on the overstatements and misperceptions that are alive and well in churches with regard to Judaism. We will take a hard look at how the Christian Scriptures have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the rise of anti-Semitism in our world.

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